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On The Market: John Lautner In Glendale

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John Lautner is known for his awesome party homes, or as Wikipedia so eloquently puts it, his "dramatic space-age flair." And so we're taken with this Lautner treehouse nestled in the woods at the foot of the Verdugos in Glendale. It still looks like a great space for entertaining, and you can see the influence Frank Lloyd Wright had on his apprentice. According to the listing, The 1949 two-bedroom, one-and-a-half bath house "incorporates open plan living, dining and den areas...laundry and attached two carport." And do check out the photos: the first four are from the real estate agent, the next three are from a previous listing (we're assuming) and the last bunch look like homeowner shots. Price: $1.96 million. [First four photos via Architecture for Sale, remaining photos via BigShed]
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