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Ask Curbed: Getting My Poor Hands on A Foreclosed Home

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A reader queries about her impossible dream of homeownership and how to get one of those cheap-o homes that are popping up around town thanks to foreclosure. She also promises to do something for us if we help out (I need a new iPod -ed.) Last week, we mentioned this free site for foreclosures, but any other suggestions?

"Hi. I'm a naive, sheltered and isolated person. But my boyfriend and I are going to buy a house here in LA if it kills us. Or maybe I'll stop being obsessed with mid-century moderns and get back to work on my novel, due real soon. Could you point me in a direction for researching how to buy foreclosures, where to look, how to be prepared, trusty-worthy realtors who specialize in foreclosures, etc? In return I'll do something for you."