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What's Up With That: Mystery Mound North Of Downtown Aka A Developer's Dream

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Like celebrity deaths, mystery humps come in threes, so it's not surprising to see another mound question following last week's Mar Vista query. A reader writes: "Let me just say, those mounds are great and all, but let me tell you, I've got a mound to beat them...I live just north of downtown off of Glendale and Colton (between Echo Park and Downtown) and from my balcony I stare at a huge mound of dirt with construction equipment on top. ...There used to be a chair on top that sometimes I'd go and sit on and meditate or pray or eat, but with the recent rainstorms the chair has fallen and is stuck halfway down the mound."


"The construction equipment has been sitting there long enough to have been tagged multiple times....Anyway, any chance y'all know whats up with that giant mound? The whole neighborhood has things like that, as its sandwiched in between two up and coming areas (Echo Park and downtown). The Echo Park pool is right across the street and is (hopefully) opening soon. Any chance people with money that swim might look across the street and see a park or an apartment complex where the mound is now?"

What an excellent question, reader. We visited your mound, and took pictures, and yes, at the top of the mound, the views are amazing. And it looks as if developers were in the midst of clearing out the area---and then just stopped. Tagged up construction equipment sits there amid the discarded dolls, broken bottles, and empty lighter fluid tins. Again, the mound--and it's quite large--is off Colton and Glendale. We'll continue to dig around for an answer.
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