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Storefronting: Another Pop Up Store, Whole Foods Dislikes Trees and Balenciaga Inches Closer to Opening

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HOLLYWOOD - Another pop-up storefront, um, pops up. The Storefront for Art and Architecture, a New York-based gallery is launching a series of temporary storefronts in 11 cities around the world. First up is LA, with an exhibition opening April 11th in the disused press room of Paperchase Printing at 7176 Sunset Blvd. The exhibit, CCCP-Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed, is being sponsored by American Apparel. Because when we think "Communist" the first thing that pops into our mind is T-shirts, too.

VENICE - So much for Whole Foods environmentally-friendly street cred. A reader points us to news that the upcoming Whole Foods on Lincoln and Rose has removed fourteen trees to "re-landscape" the parking lot. As BrooWaha points out, this seems to conflict with Whole Food's mission statement of "active environmental stewardship so that the earth continues to flourish for generations to come." Image courtesy of BrooWaha.

WEST HOLLYWOOD - A reader writes in with this news on the upcoming Balenciaga boutique: "Drove by the store on melrose last night- right opposite the PDC. Blue tinted windows, but bags and racks of clothing in the store...any news of the official opening?" According to the LA Times, the store should be opening mid-March.