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Ask Curbed: Can My Neighbor Tow My Car?

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This one could get ugly without proper guidance and mediation. Anyone want to help?

"I live in an apartment building in Los Angeles with parking spaces in the front of the building (subteranean, ungated -typical L.A. "dingbat" style). Each tenant has tandem parking. The driveway doesn't extend all the way to the end of the parking spaces so the tenants with parking on the ends must back out at an angle. My neighbor purchased a new car that he is unable to back out if my wife and I are both parked in our spot next to his. To accomodate him and be neighborly, we try to keep one car on the street. Sometimes, street parking is not available, We always move our car to allow him to back out in these cases. He came to us yesterday and said that next time we have two cars parked there, he will have our car towed. I told him that the city will not tow our car from our space. He insisted that if he can't get out, the city will tow our car to let him out. Do any curbed readers have knowledge of the laws pertaining to this? Can he have my car towed? Thanks."Image of one possible solution by flickr user obeck.