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Councilman Jose Huizar: Make Arts District Bigger To Encourage Development

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First, Little Tokyo wanted to secede from the rest of downtown. Now the battle over how/where to develop downtown wages on with the news that at 2pm today, the Planning and Land Use Committee will hear a motion from city councilman Jose Huizar, who is proposing expanding the arts district's boundaries south from 6th St. to Violet St., and east from Mill St./Wilson to the L.A. River. (The current boundaries via the perhaps faulty Wikipedia .) A tipster reminds us that the Planning Department’s Industrial Land Use Policy calls for allowing artist-in-residence adaptive re-use projects in the area between 6th and 7th Streets, but the remaining area is pegged as a zone where the conversion of industrial property to residential and commercial uses should not be allowed; Huizar's motion encourages development of the warehouses into mixed-used and residential projects. If the Planning and Land Use Committee approves the motion, it'll be heard before the city council within the next week. This should be interesting. [Image via Carifactmaps] UPDATE: The motion passed, reports blogdowntown, and tomorrow it'll head to the City Council.
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