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Mini-Malling: Fleetwood Square

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Mini-Malling, also known as Deconstructing Mini Mall Architecture, is our infrequent pondering of the psychology of retail architecture, signage and assembly of tenants specifically related to the mini-malls of Southern California. See a mini-mall worthy of a second look? Email us.

The Fleetwood Square mini-mall located at 19611 Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana/Woodland Hills is designed to look like the front of a Cadillac Fleetwood. It may be our favorite mini-mall in all of Los Angeles. Constructed in 1987, according to An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles, it was designed in the Programmatic style of architecture, although it's unclear if a Cadillac dealership ever actually occupied the space. Per Loopnet, there is presently an occupancy available in Suite 104. We think that's below the right front headlight.
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