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Rumblings & Bumblings: Roman's, Million $ Theatre, Wild Oats

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Every week we ask you to answer pressing questions from your curious, but ill-informed neighbors. You may leave a comment or you can email us at with your answers, updates. comments, tips, and general queries. Answers posted this Thursday.

[The shuttered Wild Oats in Pasadena via blogger Eye Level Pasadena]

1) Hollywood: Let there be sandwiches. "What is going on with the old Roman's location, on the north side of Sunset just west of Martel. I used to like the sandwiches at Roman's - nothing fancy but good, affordable. Then they up and closed and now the place is a nightmare, full of tagging and garbage. Seems like an ideal location. Any insight?" Yes, any update since its vicious tagging?

2) Downtown: Telemundo crowd? That might be racist! "do you guys happen to know what was really going on at the million dollar theater on thursday night? (2/28) there was a red carpet, an announcer, a mariachi band, and lots of limos driving up. is the theater open? if so, is it only going to cater to the telemundo crowd, as that's who was reporting there?" Yes, someone who missed the news of its opening. But did anyone actually attend the event?

3) Pasadena: Benja-dena emails because he misses his Wild Oats. Someone give the poor boy some oats. "What's going on at the "Wild Oats" store at Lake and California? it's been empty since Whole Foods Arroyo opened and it has a nice court yard... too bad nothing is going on right now..."