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Editorial: Downtown Market Shouldn't Receive Liquor License

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An editorial in the Downtown News argues that Jack's Market, a small grocery store at 520 W. Sixth St. in Skid Row, shouldn't receive a liquor license. The store recently re-opened with new owners after being shut down in 2006 (a shady-sounding bunch, the former owners racked up multiple offenses and had their liquor license revoked for selling stolen cigarettes and liquor, according to blogger Central City East). Because the market would probably sell get-em-drunk-quick liquor and because three markets in Skid Row already offer such beverages, the editorial urges local community members to watch and ensure a liquor license isn't granted to Jack's (the new owner hasn't decide if she'll apply). Via the News: "Intoxication may ease the day-to-day burdens of some down on their luck, but historically on Skid Row it has also led to fights, crime and lives lost to drink. When this results in indigent people being sent to jail or the hospital, everyone pays, in more ways than can be enumerated here." Stores that sell actual stuff like food are needed more urgently, the paper adds. [No Colt 45 for you. The scene at Jack's in January 2006, via Central City Blogger.]
· No New Liquor Licenses on Skid Row [Downtown News]