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Pedestrian Crackdowns Hit Santa Monica and Downtown

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Alert to all metro Angeleno bipeds! Police units are tackling the vicious crime of jaywalking in two area locations. Today, LA Streetsblog reports that the LAPD have moved on from their Koreatown sting and are now ticketing ped-offenders in downtown: "Last week the LAPD was at it again, this time at the intersection of 7th and Flower Street. Two LA Streetsblog readers report that police are waiting for pedestrians to cross the street, and if they entered the crosswalk after the hand started flashing, they're ticketed." A reader also reports that the Santa Monica Police Department is ticketing ped-offenders. "Please alert the internet, there are jaywalking stings going on on 5th Street between the two Fred Segal stores in Santa Monica. My boyfriend was crossing the street, which is never busy, and got busted. Several other people did as well."
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