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Curbed LA PriceSpotter Big Reveal

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Thank you to those participating in this week's game. We gave you a property for sale, and you tried to give us what you thought the listing price was. Now the answer to last Friday's Historic in Pasadena...

Asking Price: $545,000; HOA: $440/month
Listing: Another condo in the mid-500s, this one in the fabled Castle Green in Pasadena. Described as a "sophisticated one-bedroom flat", this unit features "high ceilings, restored historic wood detailing, decorative hand-painted stenciling, refinished concrete floors and no common walls."

This week's award goes to guesser jj who guessed the list price, and apparently knows someone who lives a few doors down. Most of you undervalued this condo. Guesses averaged $104,278 below the actual listing price. We'll watch this one to see if a pricechop takes it down to a more reasonable level.
· 99 South Raymond Avenue, #404, Pasadena, CA [craigslist]