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What's Up With That: Venice Street Shelter

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A reader follows up with a query about this structure. "Dear Curbed: I read on your site that there is some kind of rule about not being allowed to park for more than 72 hours without having to move your car...this thing at the corner of Sunset Ct and Main in Venice has been here since January....maybe December and beyond...way more than 36 hours. I'm unable to tell from the street if someone is in there, but someone COULD be in there. But the city has been putting warning flashers around it. During the rainy season, it collapsed and spread debris across the street, and the city even roped it off with more flashers so motorists wouldn't hit any of it instead of cleaning it up or asking the owner to clean it up! How is that possible that it stays and I get a ticket when I park 4" over a red curb?"

"Inside it looked like it was a home, tons of knickknacks that homeless people collect. but now, i don't know if its empty. lots of homeless people live on the sidewalk next to it since the past 6+ years. (you can see some of their debris in the photo) appeared to be personal belongings, mattress, etc, were spread literally half way across the street when it collapsed (as you can see now its barely standing), and the city simply roped them off, forcing drivers to move around the debris. strange.

i dont care enough to get it moved im just wondering why its not ticketed up the yin yang...and it has wheels..some kind of trailer. Ttere is a grateful dead sticker on the back, too."
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