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Southeast Valley Town Hall Coverage Continued! Plus, What Historical Structures Might Fall

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Coverage of last week's Valley town hall meeting/development debate continues, with LA Times columnist Steve Lopez following Roy P. Disney, a relative of Walt, to the meeting. Disney is one of those fed up with the lack of planning and "and the absence of a coherent transportation plan in Los Angeles," writes Lopez, who comes to the conclusion that at least it's a good thing that locals are riled up and involved in the process. More via Lopez:

"Late in the evening, L.A. City Councilman Tom LaBonge and county Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky rode in on white horses and played the audience like pros, telling people just what they wanted to hear. The projects are too big, and with scant public money for transit and road improvements, they said. Developers are going to have to scale back on size. Yaroslavsky accused City Hall of rolling over for developers, something he himself was often accused of in the days of mega-development on the Westside." Related: the Daily News looks at what significant historic residents could be threatened given development in the San Fernando Valley. The paper tallies up "saved," and "lost," structures, as well as those that are in "question." The latter category includes: Lankershim Train Depot, Phil's Diner, Weddington House, Eichler Tract in the Balboa Highlands, Oakie Estate, and Campo de Cahuenga.
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