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Clueless Gardena Needs Help Fixing Its Butt-Ugly Business Signs

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Now, this seems highly subjective. But some people think Gardena has some butt-ugly looking business signs. Yes, lazy businesses are putting up crap (like the signs pictured) that's bad that the smarty pants at the USC School of Policy, Planning and Development have been brought into develop "design guidelines" for three major thoroughfares: Western Avenue, Crenshaw Boulevard and Rosecrans Avenue, reports the Daily Breeze's Sandy Mazza. For starters, the ugly-looking "Hawaiian Grill " sign at 1725 Redondo Beach Blvd. in Gardena is getting a redo. Also getting made over is the "Burnt Tortilla" sign. But like a mother loving her Gollum-looking child, surely some residents think these are the most beautiful signs out there. [Photo via Daily Breeze]
· Gardena sees money in better signs [Daily Breeze]