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Silver Lake Meadow Awaits Its June Opening

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[That patch of green in the distance is part of the new meadow. Construction of the new pathway in the foreground.]

Yesterday, Silver Lake locals came out for a reservoir weeding party organized by the Committee to Save Silver Lakes' Reservoirs, a group that has been pushing to open part of the reservoir to the public. Yes, it was a contentious debate over whether to open the meadow, but barring any setbacks, the meadow will open this June. ( Those opposed to the project worried a mini-MacArthur Park would be created, area housing prices would nose dive, and coyotes would have to live on the I-5.) Lori Oddino, on the board of directors at the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoir, filled us in on the details: Modeled after Sheep Meadow in New York's Central Park, this will be a quiet meadow--no boomboxes, no soccer, no barbecues. Think: People sitting on blankets, picnics, sun tan lotion.

There will four-foot high gates--locked at night--to keep out ruffians. Dogs are allowed, but only on leashes. Also, there will be a park ranger around (we're not certain his/her hours), who will shoot to kill any gang members, homeless people or yellow Labradors that should wander into the park. We jest! Finally, one final question: If this going to be a mellow park, can people drink Rose on their blankets? It's not clear, but we have a follow-up email to CSSSL.
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