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Home Exchanges: Everyone is Swapping!

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The New York Times checks out the art of home swaps (i.e., your Lake Tahoe for my Los Angeles) and declares it a growing and successful trend. While hard statistics are hard to come by, more people are swapping and casting wide nets in one region. Says one frequent swapper: “At this point it’s not even like home exchange, but more like an extension of a second home. Any time I have an interest in going to Tahoe, I drop them [past exchangers] an e-mail.” While Craigslist is rife with home exchange postings, the Times focuses on fee-based home exchange sites like, run by local Ed Kushins. And even Ed is in on it, too: "I live in Hermosa Beach, and I did an exchange in Beverly Hills." [Image of an actual Los Angeles home available at 1st Home Description: "We are on The Boardwalk, "the Strand," a 21 mile long walkway linking us with Malibu."]
· Home Exchanges, a Bit at a Time [NY Times]