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Broker BlogWrap: Westwood PriceChop and Canadians in Palm Springs

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It's another edition of our irregularly scheduled look inside the blogs of our realtor friends. If you're a SoCal Realtor with a blog we should be reading, drop us a line.

1) PriceChop Hits Westwood Home: The unkindest chop, the one that takes you below a million, has hit an underwhelming property in Westwood. Why can't it sell? Scott McIntosh answers: "Well, there are several reasons as to why this house is priced lower than one million. First, the house is the last house on Greenfield next to Pico. Therefore it sits right on the alley next to Norms. Second, the house doesn't have a conventional type of floor plan. Your first step into the house is right into the kitchen counter." [Westwood RE Market]

2) Realtors Gone Wild: On Wednesday, Judy Graff spotted riot police at a Re/Max office: "...I spotted several police outside of the Re/Max in Burbank on Glenoaks and Cypress. These were the bullet-proof vested guys, not the regular uniformed officers. What's going on? Is there an agent riot happening? A distraught seller taking hostages? I hope all's okay..." [SFVRE]

3) First the Gays, Now the Canadians: We always enjoy learning about new trends. Realtor Paul Kaplan reports that Canadians and their fancy Canadian dollars are arriving in Palm Springs. "In the past few months we have been receiving a number of inquiries from our neighbors in the North, inquiring about purchasing in the Palm Springs area... Recently, my clients from Vancouver were shocked at what they could purchase here for $400,000 compared to what that same house would cost them in Canada." [ActiveRain-Paul Kaplan]

4) The Cheapest Home in The Oaks at Calabasas Tracey Thomas was alerted to a foreclosure in her hood that has piqued the interest of many: "Public records show this home was purchased in March of 2006. The buyers originally borrowed $1,461,292, four months later they refinanced their first mortgage and took out a second mortgage for a total of $2,210,000 (an additional $750k). A year later the house was listed for $2,900,000 (6/15/07) just a few weeks before the July mortgage meltdown. Still not landscaped this house just sat on the market. Even a price reduction to $2,500,000 in August didn't help...Unfortunately the house was foreclosed on just six months later. One wonders if there ever was a payment made on those new mortgages since the process of foreclosure takes just about six months. The house is now on the market again for $2,100,000. This is the lowest price per square foot in The Calabasas Oaks at only $392.30." [ActiveRain-Tracey Thomas]