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Ask Curbed: A Disrespectful Neighbor Hogging Our Shared Alley

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A reader needs help with an uncooperative neighbor who refuses to respect alley access.

"We have a question, maybe you or your readers have some advice... Our property is located in downtown Los Angeles, our dumpsters and parking are accessed by an alley with one entrance, in other words a dead-end alley. As many businesses and residents need access to this public alley we try to communicate and cooperate so everyone can "share" the alley access. Unfortunately, one neighbor has refused to cooperate and regularly blocks the alley with unattended vehicles and dumpsters, trapping us in or out for hours at a time. We've contacted LAPD and the D.O.T., when they arrive on scene they're able to get things moved, but this also takes several hours. Any more effective ideas?" Anyone having sensible advice (i.e. not involving face punching or tire slashing), please leave a comment. Your help is appreciated.
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