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EaterTastings: Hollywood's Beso, Westlake's Royale Renovates, Victor's Deli Shutters and Doughboys' Makeover

The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog.

HOLLYWOOD: Behold Beso, the Eva Longoria-owned, Todd English-helmed restaurant featuring "semi-Mediterranean with a touch of Latin flair" food. (Pictured above in the gallery.)

WESTLAKE: After Mode failed to open downtown, owner Tony Jones is struggling with this other venture, Royale. The restaurant is "temporarily closed" while the bar and lounge remains open and the restaurant undergoes a renovation. Word is they expect to reopen this summer.

LOS FELIZ: Victor's Deli is closing down, so no more matzo ball soup near Bronson Canyon. Just don't confuse it with Victor's Restaurant, still open and operating in the same strip mall.

BEVERLYGROVE: The "quick remodel" of Doughboys is turning into a total makeover, as the restaurant is stripped to its beams. With the space next door also under construction, Eater wonders if that means there's an expanded Doughboys in our future.