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Cahuenga Pass House Leaves Nothing to Imagination

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We're calling the concrete and glass trend over. If only for ourselves. We've fallen back in love with brick and wood. Give us a ranch or a craftsman, sir. Nevertheless, these glassy concoctions are still popping up, such as this home on Woodrow Wilson in the Cahuenga Pass. A reader has concerns: "I've been driving by this house on Woodrow Wilson, just off the 101, and it looks pretty cool. I can't help but wonder, though, how the residents are going to deal with the lack of privacy afforded by the hip walls of glass that face the street."

"Presently, when you drive by (especially up the hill a bit from where I took these pics), you can literally see *everything* inside the house -- and that's during the day. Imagine at night, when they've got lights on. They might as well be on stage! After going to such lengths to install the wraparound glass, it's difficult to imagine them installing curtains or blinds, so it'll be interesting to see what they do."