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Wattage! Region Getting Huge Solar Panel Project

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Today Governor Schwarzenegger and officials from Southern California Edison will announce plans for a five-year, $875 million solar rooftop project, an undertaking that's being called the largest rooftop solar installation project ever proposed by an utility company. Photovoltaic cells will be placed on 65 million square feet of commercial building roofs in Southern California (because their populations are growing so quickly, the Inland Empire/San Bernardino/Riverside counties are getting the solar power first), and according to the Los Angeles Times, the "cells will generate as much as 250 megawatts of electricity -- enough to power about 162,500 average homes, based on the utility's estimate that one megawatt would serve about 650 average homes." According to the Times, Southern California Edison currently powers 13 million residents around Central and Southern California. Craving more semiconductor wafer-speak? Full press release on the project is here.
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