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WeHoans Attend Metro Meeting, Demand Subway

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Streetsblog LA attended last night's Metro meeting in West Hollywood, the first of many to discuss the proposed long-range plan for future development of our terrible transit system. Naturally, the Weho residents in attendance were vociferous in their demand for a subway to touch their city. Via Streetsblog LA:

"The 20 people that testified were near unanimous in supporting more rail for L.A. County. There was also strong support for a Subway to the Sea alignment that runs along Santa Monica Boulevard. There was one audience member, an Angeleno that lives in Park-LaBrea, who argued that more money needs to be spent on improving the bus system because subway expansion is a losing proposition." One jerk apparently showed up to say he enjoyed his commute and being in his car with his Bluetooth. We wish the Curbed commenter who likes to punch people in the face had been there. The next Metro meeting is scheduled for tonight at Metro's headquarters near Union Station.
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