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Glendale's Scary Streets: Watch Your Backs, Pedestrians

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The Daily News looks at the high rate of auto-versus-pedestrian collision rates in Glendale, which, with 126 incidents last year, "ranks among the state's highest for its size." And if you're older, forget it: You're going to get mowed down eventually. (Glendale ranked top in the state in 2006 for incidents with the 65 and older set.) This pedestrian safety issue isn't news for those who remember how police ticketed pedestrians who raced the blinking hand in Koreatown. But in this case, it's usually the drivers, rather than knucklehead pedestrians, who are at fault. Via the paper: "Drivers are the cause of about 60 percent of the pedestrian-related collisions, while pedestrians are at fault about 20 percent of the time and the rest are unknown, Glendale police Lt. Carl Povilaitis said."
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