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Developer Chetrit: Hotel Still Planned For Weedy 9th And Grand Parcel

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Just a dirt lot a few months ago, there are now weeds higher than your head at the corner of 9th and Grand, the former haunt of old friend Downtown Dog, the German Shepard guard dog who protected the property last summer. So what's happening to this corner and the adjoining building? A source who works at New York-based developer Chetrit tells us: "We're planning a hotel there. It'll break ground in six to eight months." For real? Or are you totally bullshitting us, Chetrit source?

The Chetrit employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said they hadn't decided which hotel would go in, but did say that the company intended to go forward with a hotel. Readers will remember that this was the site for the planned and then abandoned Gansevoort Hotel. And to our Chetrit guy's credit, last May the Gavensvoort people had previously told us some other hotel might go into the space. Their exact statement: "The Chetrit Group will develop the 9th Street/Grand Avenue project in Los Angeles under a different brand name." Meanwhile, the Downtown Dog--or any dog--hasn't been spotted on the site in many months. But is a hotel going to be breaking ground in six to eight months?
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