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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Hollywood Tower, Wilshire Temple, Santa Monica Townhomes, Daniel Murphy's Five Stages of Grief

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Thanks for the comment feedback to these excellent reader generated questions. We have at least some partial info for each one. Please feel free to email us at if you have new questions or updates. We also really appreciate digital pictures.

[The Hollywood Tower and Tower Terrace, on the market via CBRE]

1) Hollywood: The empty lot on Franklin, across from the 101 Cafe, is presently for sale, along with plans and entitlements for the Hollywood Tower Terrace project (pictured). Previously, we had heard the construction delay was related to contamination from the nearby gas station. The new building is being sold along with the Hollywood Tower next door for $35 million.

2) Koreatown: We can't speak for certain on future plans for expansion of the Wilshire Boulevard Temple, however the parcels along Hobart Street, as noted have been cleared for expansion of the Temple. The architects for the site, Levin & Associates provide this synopsis of the planned development "...a phased expansion plan on the remainder of the site that would accommodate a nursery school, administration building, joint religious/public charter school, parking for 400 cars and an event space for 500 people." There are some small renderings on the architect's site.

3) Santa Monica:The ugly, incomplete building at Broadway and Stanford had some, umm, how do you say, issues. Via the comments: "For the SM townhomes, I looked into this a couple of years ago. Permits and construction not up to SM code caused delays and the builder lost funding. The building needs to be torn down and then re built from what the city told me."

4) Fairfax District: Daniel Murphy High School is indeed closing, and in fact the school's April 2008 Newsletter discusses the sadness that everyone is feeling in regards to the impending closure of the school in July. Sorry, but we've been unable to find out what's planned for the site or if it's been sold. Here's an excerpt from the newsletter:

FROM THE PRINCIPAL Dear Daniel Murphy parents and students,

I hope all of you have had a Restful and Spiritually Renewing Easter Break! We certainly have experienced a Lenten Journey this year as a community. In reflection of our journey and all the intense emotions connected with the school closing, it is important for us to step back and access where we have been and decide how we can progress into the future. I am a counselor and can clearly tell you that all Daniel Murphy students, teachers, staff and parents have been experiencing extreme GRIEF in the loss of our school and the conflicts it has presented before us to deal with. Psychologist, Elisabeth Kubler Ross has studied and perfected the research on the GRIEF process that every human experiences in her “5 Stages of Grief” philosophy. In simple terms, GRIEF is defined as a great loss that manifests itself in 5 basic ways:

1. Anger = sounds like: “I will NOT accept this, I will fight to the finish”, “I will force this to change!”

2. Bargaining = sounds like: “Please God, do not let this happen”, “I will do whatever you want to change this”

3. Depression = sounds like: “This is too sad, I just can’t live with this”, “I just can not go on anymore, and this is too difficult for me” “I feel so heavy with sadness”.

4. Denial = sounds like: “No, this just can’t be true, I do not believe this”, “This will never happen, it will go away" .

5. Acceptance = sounds like: “Ok, there is nothing I can do but move on”, “I must move forward and deal with this”, “I hate this, but I must look and plan for the future”.

The rest of the newsletter is a good read. It advises to find a new hobby if you're suffering.

Hollywood Tower

6138 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA