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The Catch: Insecure Landlord Needs You To Really Love Home

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"Words cannot prove anything about people's character and landlords prefer to see documents and other solid proof." That's an excerpt from a landlord's email to a group of interested renters who want to rent out the guy's 1,600-square foot, three-bedroom home in Glassell Park (Toland Way and El Paso) for $2,700 a month. Sure, the home looks good, but this landlord is a tad demanding. And the reader who sent in this Catch writes: "This landlord is violating state law I believe by suggesting that the lucky winner of who gets to rent his house will pay for the repairs and double the deposit."


Thank you for showing interest in this property for rent. I did not imagine one CL ad would get so much attention. I am trying to save myself time by mass mailing all of you at once. So if do not wish to be receiving emails just let me know. I apologize in advance.

Just so that I will not be wasting anyone's time, I'll try to describe the place in this email and maybe take a video today to give flavor. The house itself is 1600 square feet, some bits are newer as in the kitchen and all the windows and bits of it are not as in wall heaters and wall A/C. One person showed interest in central air, which we can install, but will raise the rent by roughly 10% and we need commitment before we do that. The back yard is very deep and has a 20% slope up, so it makes for a light hike with some flat areas to the top but right by the house there is little flat area for play. The steps take you up to what we have named "the rose garden", a wild mix of roses and vines then a few steps here and there take you to a large pergola with concrete floor for entertaining, then up to a vegetable garden encompassed by rose bushes with fruit trees on the outside perimeter and more walk to a what we have named "the soccer area", a flat area covered with water conserving buffalo grass (no mowing needed) and then a few step to what we call the top area, a smaller pergola and a rose garden. The garden is a living being and goes thru many phases and can look spectacular depending on the season and who is on top of it. We do have gardeners who visit the place for clean up twice a week.

The repairs will not be complete for another week and I have decided to tent the property for termite as well, which will take a few extra days. To be realistic I would say the work would be done by the 10th of April since things have a way of dragging more than one expects.

If you have to see the garden, I can set up a 2 hour window from 8 to 4:30 pm tomorrow or possibly on Saturday. Weekdays are easier since the workers are there. Most likely around lunchtime.

As for making sure you will be the one getting the place, I can only tell you what I did to make sure I would be the one getting the new place for my mother when we moved her from the Toland way property. This may or may not apply to you but it is just an indication of what landlords love to see. Words cannot prove anything about people's character and landlords prefer to see documents and other solid proof. So here it is. a) I told the landlord that I am a property owner myself and a landlord and gave the address to my property for them to check b) without being asked I faxed my bank accounts and my credit report c) I offered to double the deposit (from a line of credit) because I know landlords have a lot more at stake than a month rent worth of money d) I offered to sign a lease for the longest period they would be willing to sign (commitment) e) Offered to make all the needed repairs to the property during tenancy as well as repaint the property, landscaping and pay for all utilities. I offered the responsibility for all those expenses because it was worth it and because that is exactly what it means to be a home-owner (= a lot of expenses) or to treat a home like your own. Landlords want to see someone who understands what a pain (and joy) it is to be a property owner and to treat their home like one. Aside from this, we would also like to have someone who enjoys gardening as we do and can take care of the garden.

I hope this bit helps you understand the place better and guide you in luring landlords to yourself wherever you go. Please *email* if any questions. Many thanks!