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CurbedWire: Santa Monica Development, Los Feliz Triangle, Hollywood Sign

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SANTA MONICA: The latest construction shot of 1544 11th Street, a multi-family 6-unit condominium by local firm Howard Laks Architects is "designed in a contemporary style to create a visual anchor and transition between the city's industrial and multi-family districts," according to presser. Also, U.S. Postal Workers, not construction workers, are building the development. [Curbed InBox]

LOS FELIZ: More on this tomorrow but here's a tease. A reader writes: "I just wanted to let you know that they have started work on the Los Feliz Triangle park at Vermont and Hollywood and Prospect blvd. They tore up the old concrete, removed all of the trees and some of the trees across the street (ficus) that were pulling up the sidewalk. I think they are going to re-build the whole area. The MTA is behind this - they want to make the park a bus stop. I think that they will build a sign spanning Vermont Avenue as well - not sure. [Curbed InBox]

HOLLYWOOD: For those who don't know why the Hollywood sign isn't lit up: "I recently sent an email to the non-profit organization that oversees the Hollywood Sign. I asked them why the Hollywood Sign is not lit up at night...

"It would make sense to be able to see it at night as Hollywood Blvd. starts to become a truly significant nighttime district. The response I got back was that there were a few homeowners in the hills living near the sign that are against that idea. I am wondering if there is any group to go against their preference to have it remain dark at night. I personally don't think having light reflect off the sign (kind of like the Walt Disney Concert Hall at night) would be bright enough to be considered a nuisance. " [Curbed InBox]