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LA Architects Making the World Better: Frank Gehry Inflicts His Genius on London

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LA Architects Making the World Better is our irregularly scheduled look at projects around the globe designed by LA-based architects. Monday, we saw the High Line 23 project from Neil M. Denari Architects. Today, Frank Gehry's jumble of sticks.

Frank Gehry has done it again. Taking what you and I might mistake for the discarded pieces of another construction project, the LA-based architect will erect a jaw-dropping timber and glass "street" set to grace the London Serpentine Gallery. Via Design Week: "...the pavilion is designed to be part amphitheater, part promenade, making a place for 'reflection and relaxation by day, and discussion and performance by night'" The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion series, now in its ninth year, invites world renowned architects to create temporary structures on the lawn of the gallery. We think the structure might actually fall apart before they have a chance to disassemble it.

[Click image for the larger view]

· Forthcoming Summer 2008 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2008 Designed by Frank Gehry [Serpentine Gallery]
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