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Reader Rant: Tourist-Unfriendly Downtown Sidewalk Closure

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Glad to hear that somebody out there is thinking of the tourists. LA's not all about the Hollywood Sign and Disneyland. The tourists are also starting to arrive Downtown to see our wonderful architecture, and they need good photos to show their friends back in Osaka. Let's try to make it pleasant, heh?

Does anyone know who the IDIOT is who authorized the closure of the sidewalk across from Disney Hall on Grand Avenue? Right now we bus in loads of tourist coming to see the wonderful Disney building and some genius decides to close the sidewalks! Imagine being a European or Japanese tourist who wants to capture a certain architectural angle but cannot due to LA's municipal retardation. Most of the times the closure is unnecessary - no one is there working. As my buddy says: "How can LA build a subway to the sea if they can't even build the few yards of Angels Flight!?!" I'm beginning to agree." -One pissed off AngelenoReader Rant: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head at Ravenswood [Curbed LA]
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