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CurbedWire: Metro Map 2030, Venice's Whole Foods, Famima!! Closes

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LOS ANGELES - Mayor Sam and MetroRider LA link to an exciting futuristic transit map of Los Angeles circa 2030. In the future, we'll be able to take light rail or the subway to LAX and Ontario International, the Ocean, Leimert Park, Irwindale, and Whittier. Are we the only ones who think that light rail (or at least the Orange Line) to Burbank's Airport should be prioritized, too? In related news, tonight in WeHo, Metro starts its first round of meetings on the long range plan - view the PDF here. [SF Cityscape]

VENICE - You can practically taste the progress. Reader Carter reports that the new Venice Whole Foods has applied for its liquor license. "Yes, the Whole Foods market under development in Venice has posted for its off-sale license as well as wine bar license - one in the same application, btw! Must be coming along really fast." [Curbed Inbox]

GLENDALE - And in a bit of Storefronting news, we're sad to report another Famima!! closure. Via the inbox: "...just wanted to let you know that Famima in Glendale is closing. Yes, closing... ahhhhh. However, act fast because everything is 50% off with certain exceptions like the candles and gift cards." Goodbye Famima!!. [Curbed Inbox]