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Ask Curbed: New Yorker Seeks Walkable LA Hood

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More and more New Yorkers are becoming Angelenos - like it or not. Here's one who wrote in, politely, asking for a place to keep her feet on the ground:
I'll be moving to LA from NYC this fall, and I've been looking around online at places to live. Having spent most of my adult life between NYC and Chicago, I am not much of a driver and don't really enjoy it at all. I've heard that in LA, there are basically no neighborhoods in which one might be able to come home from work on a Friday, park her car, and walk to most things she might need/want for the rest of the weekend.
Is there really no place for her to live? Or would some of LA's most walkable neighborhoods - Santa Monica, downtown, Venice, Pasadena, Hollywood - be considered walkable even by a New Yorker? [Photo by manmadepants from Curbed LA's Flickr pool]
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