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Echo Park Pool Renovations: Who Is Ready For Water Polo?

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Following up on a Rumbling & Bumbling post, we've got even more information about your Echo Park Pool at 1419 Colton Street, currently undergoing a $4.8 million renovation. According to a spokesperson for Councilman Ed Reyes' office, the heated pool---and it'll be an indoor, nine-foot deep pool that's open year round--is 90 percent done and will have its grand kick off on Memorial Day weekend. Also: It is 36.6 meters by 22.7 meters for those who like to know these things.

Besides the pool and bathhouse upgrades, the facility will have disabled access upgrades, shower renovations, and new restrooms. A whole list of what'll be available is below. But Echo Park forming its own US Swim team? It's unclear. But sounds fun! UPDATE: Per councilman Reyes' office--"The U.S. Swim Team has practiced at the pool before, so we will be making the pool available to them again and include it the programs for the Echo Park Pool."

- Novice Springboard team
- Novice swim team
- Novice synchronized swim team
- Novice Water Polo team
- U.S. Swim team (not sure what this means)
- Lifeguard training program
- Swim lesson (adult/youth_
-Weight training and water exercise