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CurbedWire: Sci-Arc Installation, Hollywood Developments, Happy Downtown Pets

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DOWNTOWN: The new exhibition from Elena Manferdini (rendering above) opens this Friday SCI-Arc Gallery. What to know: "Elena Manferdini’s installation explores the intricacies of lace at a scale far beyond the intimate size commonly associated with the material. Made by the knotting and intertwining of multiple threads, the dynamic dance of lacemaking is brought to the scale of the SCI-Arc Gallery. The antique Venetian Merletti, the Italian term for lace, are the crenellations that create a complex interface at the top of defensive buildings." That all sounds lovely. [Curbed InBox]

HOLLYWOOD: A random email about Paul Pagnone, also the developer of those planned Silver Lake Lofts: "He's taking over our entire block here in the 90004 zip on Rosewood Ave., [near Wiltern] north side of the street condos are currently under construction, I forget think its 40+ units + parking for 90 some cars. And then he wants to do the same on the south side of Rosewood, a little smaller project but demo'ing much of the block none the less. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: If you're having a tough day, please stop by the Flickr pool for last weekend's Blessing of the Animals. Worries about the economy and any downtown real estate jitters will be eased by images of happy-looking pigs and dogs. [Flickr]


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