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Breaking: Massive-Looking Fire in Warner Center

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It appears that one of the relatively new housing developments is ablaze with fire in Warner Center. We can see it out of our office window in Woodland Hills. Initial guesses would say it's Ascent at Warner Center, KB Homes' project, however, we can't be sure. Updates to follow.

UPDATE: The LAFD has pinpointed the fire at 6200 Canoga Avenue. Via the LAFD blog: "*Structure Fire* 6200 Canoga Ave; TG 530-B7; FS 72, Five story condos under construction; NFD; Ch:8,18 @8:43 AM."

UPDATE: Confirmed: Per editor Josh, the fire is at the site of the KB Homes project on Erwin; it seems the LAFD blog listed the whole block in its reference to 6200 Canoga.