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CurbedWire: Abbot Lofts Leasing, Times Hiring, and Gasoline Pricing

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VENICE: The press release is out for our much-chronicled Abbot Lofts at 1645 Abbot Kinney Boulevard (pictured). Oddly, the press release doesn't name prices, but does mention the "5,000 square feet of ground floor retail space and exceptional on-site parking." Last we heard, rents would start at about $2,000 and top $4,000. [Curbed InBox]

LOS ANGELES: Writing a real estate gossip column is all about trading favors with brokers for dirt, so eager young reporters will want to take note of the Want Ad for the Times' real estate gossip columnist aka current columnist Ruth Ryon's job. Via the listing on LAObserved: "The ideal candidate is obsessed with houses, fearless and plugged into the high-end realty agent and celebrity scene." [LA Observed]

LOS ANGELES: Common Current recently ranked cities by their readiness for $4+ gallon gasoline and $100+ barrel oil prices. Surprise! It turns out we're not at the bottom. In fact, Los Angeles almost cracked the top 10, coming in at a respectable 12. The study looked at public transportation alternatives, dense city centers, and a high degree of mixed use. Cities lose points for using oil to power electricity. Sorry, Honolulu. [Planetizen]



Abbot Lofts Add Retail Opportunities to Venice While Keeping Community Charm Intact

LOS ANGELES – First new apartments in Venice in over a decade, Abbot Lofts at 1645 Abbot Kinney Boulevard on the corner of Venice Boulevard, features residential flats and lofts over ground floor retail space. The brand new project, created by developer Patrick Tooley and designed by innovative Los Angeles architectural firm Koning Eizenberg, offers 22 luxury rental apartments, 5,000 square feet of ground floor retail space and exceptional on-site parking.

“Abbot Kinney Boulevard is home to unique buildings and great retail and our goal was to create a space that complemented the community,” notes Patrick Tooley, president of Tooley Interests. “We envisioned a project where residents could park their car on Friday and not have to use it again until Monday. Residents can walk from their lofts to grab a cup of coffee, stroll to the beach or a great restaurant, all without the need to drive —a real advantage in a city as sprawling as Los Angeles.”

Given the complicated zoning process in Venice and the politics of developing a new project in a community this organic, the residential and retail space were developed with the intent of incorporating the complex needs of the neighborhood without compromising its values.

The design of the retail space considers Venice residents’ desire for smaller businesses rather than larger chains. The retail space, with an impressive 120 feet of frontage on Abbot Kinney Boulevard and 40 feet on the north side of Venice Boulevard, is an ideal space for a restaurant or café that would benefit from the great visibility of the corner location as well as all of the Venice Beach visitors and Abbot Kinney neighbors.

Eight two-story “boulevard” rental apartments are located above Abbot Kinney Boulevard with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that open, allowing access to fresh air and views of the activity on the street below. Each apartment includes a bedroom, office/den, large bathroom and separate storage area on the first floor. The second floor has an expansive open living/dining room and kitchen with a design that maximizes the natural sunlight and views.

Eight two-story “patio” apartments include a large open room with a kitchen and powder room on the first floor, while the second floor has a bedroom, bathroom and additional private room that can be used as a guest bedroom or office. Each of these apartments features a 160-square-foot private patio offering some of the most compelling views of the city.

Located on the third floor are four, two-story penthouses. A great, open room with a kitchen and powder room are located on the second floor of these two bedroom units. Surrounded by walls of glass, these apartments provide spectacular views of as far away as the Getty Museum and LAX.

Four flats are located on the second floor of Abbot Lofts. These single-story, one-bedroom flats have polished concrete floors and a large sliding glass window for natural ventilation.

All Abbot Lofts include stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer, and exposed concrete, hardwood and carpet flooring. In addition, residents are offered secure, two-car parking in the subterranean garage. Of the twenty-two apartments available, two units are offered as affordable housing for lower income residents.

For more information on Abbot Lofts, please visit