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Curbed National: B'klyn Power Plant, Berkeley Art Museum, Chelsea Sweet Digs

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Let us now take a very visual look at the latest architecture and design news as revealed on our sister blogs, Curbed NYC and Curbed SF, this week.

1) New York: A lovely rendering of a power plant on the Brooklyn waterfront will sadly never come to be. The land will instead be utilized for some kind of big ugly green park thanks to community activists.

2) San Francisco: Plans for Berkeley's Art Museum, designed by famed architect Toyo Ito, have been leaked to Curbed SF. The building's design is a bit of a mystery. Where's the fire escape? Renzo, can you help them out, please?

3) New York: Look at this mind numbing density afflicting New York. This four unit monster on the edge of Chelsea from architects John Gordon and Cortney Walleston sports "a façade of bronze-finished anodized aluminum panels." Units start at $1.695 million.