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A Brief History of the Planning of Los Angeles, 1940s to the Present

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CityWatch has a non-dramatic telling of the planning history of Los Angeles that has led us to today's battles over density, affordable housing and Zev Yaroslavsky's mustache -- long may it live. Planner and architect Bill Christopher recounts the disconnect that occurred in the 1970's, when Community Plans were instituted that failed to update the existing zoning. "So we had the dis-jointed situation where the actual legal zoning was set up for a city of 10 million, while the advisory “plans” would limit the City eventually to 4.2 million people. Since, at the time in the 70's, the City had fewer than 3 million residents, 4.2 million inhabitants still seemed to many like a recipe for Bladerunner, which, in 1982, provided the imagery for the Los Angeles of the future." [CityWatch]