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Suggestions Needed: New Name For Titmouse Park in Playa Del Rey

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While it's not entirely clear how Titmouse Park--a Playa Del Rey park near the edge of the Ballona Wetlands--got its name (there are allegations the moniker was a sexist comment directed at the local Junior Women's Club), one thing is certain: nonprofit group Ballona Institute is calling on the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks for a new, more appropriate name. Titmouse is a small bird and residents believe the area deserves a better title since the bird doesn't even reside in the park. "It's ecologically illiterate," one person tells the Daily Breeze. Some suggestions: "Ballona Gateway" and "Pacific Pocket Mouse Park" (the latter for the park's local population of mice). Meanwhile, a Yelper describes Titmouse Park this way: "I like this little park. It's the size of a back yard and boasts......well, not much. It has a couple of benches and a fine view of the wetlands. " [Photo via Flickr user Kristiniff]
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