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Montrose Craftsman-Inspired Development Too Big, Not Craftsman-y Enough, Say Locals

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If you're a developer, how do you erect a new five-unit apartment building on the site of a nearly 100-year old Craftsman home without pissing locals off? Offer to save the original building--and ship it elsewhere-- and create a development that takes inspiration from the Craftsman style. Well, that's the theory. The Glendale News-Press covers the story of the Craftsman-style cottage at 2128 Glenada Avenue that'll be razed by the end of the month if no one offers to save it (to date, the president of the local historical society tells the paper the organization can't afford to take it). In its place: A five-unit development (pictured). Residents who live on the street oppose having a larger project among their midst, while "critics have argued the plans are a hollow homage to the regional tradition." [Elevation via Bruce Labins Architecture]

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