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Eco-Village Wrap: Neigborhood Grows Greener, Spars Over New School

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Yesterday city councilman Eric Garcetti cut the ribbon on the East Hollywood Shared Street Project at Los Angeles' Eco-Village on Bimini Place, a sustainable community a few blocks south of Beverly and Vermont. The Shared Street Project—which works to take roads back from cars and trucks and make them more amenable to walkers and bikers—brought art to crosswalks and macadamia saplings to Bimini's fancy new sidewalks. As reported yesterday by LAist, Eco-Village just fought off the LAUSD, which wanted to build a school near Bimini that would have razed 1/3 of the village. The school will now be built without bulldozing any homes, but LAUSD wants to convert a nearby building into a parking lot for the school. Sounds like the perfect Eco-Village addition.
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