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La Brea Car Dealership Update: It's A Trader Joe's?

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Mass confusion in the Curbed offices. Yesterday, we reported, in response to a Rumblings & Bumblings question, that Ace Gallery was moving into the old La Brea car dealership building. We even called to verify! But today a gent emails in to refute that claim, stating Trader Joe's may actually be the new tenant.

The dealership under renovation has been leased by Trader Joes. They will move the store two blocks down from their store at La Brea and 3rd.
The city has put pressure on the TJ Corporation as the La Brea and 3rd site is one of the chain's highest grossing outlets, but is hampered by lack of parking and poor traffic flow. The city has received numerous complaints about the danger of the current site. In reposne, TJ's has been actively searching for over a year for a replacement site. They have signed a lease for the new space, which will greatly enhance floor space and also offer the added benefit of plentiful rooftop parking. I'd say a win-win for all... · Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Echo Park Pool Opening, Atwater Park News, and More! [Curbed LA]