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Curbed Reader Comment Round-Up

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The best posts usually originate in our comments. To give appreciation to our amazing (and sometimes angry) commenters we feature their broad strokes of wisdom in a tidy comment roundup.

1) Dodger Fans: Your Closest Pre-Party Pad/New Rental Home "WOW. The bitterness, folks? Why? Do you live in this neighborhood? I do, although not that excited about a rental coming into the neighborhood (renters usually don't have the respect of the neighborhood that the owners do) I do have to say I like seeing some glint of style coming in here. This neighborhood is full of 70's carnation pink stuccos. I welcome architecture breaking away from the pink-wash that exists here today."

2) Yes, Why Doesn't the MLS List Square Footage On Places? "I'm a realtor -- and, yes, sometimes we leave out square footage intentionally on the MLS. But there can be other reasons: sometimes the LA Assessor numbers are incorrect, or the Assessor doesn't include permitted square footage OR the seller tells you that it's permitted but you, the agent, aren't so sure. We are not all evil people."

3) Americana At Brand's Statue Arriving Today, Gold Plating Next Week "Outrageous! As if taking a statue that memorializes fallen infantrymen and inserting it into a shopping center isn't tacky enough, the whole thing will be covered in gold, just to ensure that we all understand how tasteless Caruso is. Absolutely shameful."

4) "Plump Women" Mural in Boyle Heights Has Some Residents Up In Arms "Building consensus in a city as ethnically, racially, and socio-economically compartmentalized and diverse as Los Angeles is truly an exercise in democracy. Ask any Planner whose held a Community meeting. If this were Kansas or Utah (ora any of the square-places, you might be victorious rather quickly. The key is to listen more, speak less, and at least consider if there are valid points being made."