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CurbedWire: Digital Billboard Sabotage on La Brea? Westside Metro Meetings

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MIRACLE MILE: Here's a mystery. These images were spotted last night. Writes a reader: "First digital billboard graffiti. Spotted on La Brea and 9th. Clear Channel digital billboard." Since the images appeared between the other crap, ie whatever is usually shown, it's unclear if it was a sponsored thing or actual sabotage. No, we're not advocating graffiti, but we are advocating anything that messes with billboard operator Clear Channel. Next time, how about just no image at all. UPDATE: The graffiti artist is "Skull Phone," a known artist who sells stuff at the Moca store, too. [Curbed Inbox]

WESTSIDE: Metro boosters, unite! Via the InBox: "Another round of “community workshops” on the EXPO phase 2 line will be taking place around the Westside at the end of the month. The meeting to attend, however, will be the third one at the Vista Del Mar Child Services Gym in lovely lovely Cheviot Hills..

.I’m sure the presence of many Cheviot Hills Homeowner Association members will provide much entertainment that evening. I went to the last meeting and still can’t believe some of the inanity I saw and heard. It would be fab to have some fellow PT-supporting LACurbites at this meeting. As incentive, at the last meeting they had water and a bowl of Nature’s Way crunchy granola bars for attendees!" Who doesn't love a bowl of granola bars. More information at this PDF here. [Curbed InBox]