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Latest in City's Tree Wars: Expo Line Tree Removal Annoys Culver City Neighbors

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In the latest installment of people getting pissed off about the removal of trees, neighbors of the Expo Line in Culver City, currently under construction, have expressed dismay over the removal of 35-trees in their neighborhood.

A notification letter sent out by the Expo Authority prior to the removal of the trees read, “Where feasible, trees will be protected, stored and replanted during the project landscaping phase.” But when some neighbors returned home on Feb. 28, they found more than the described amount to be missing from their adjacent properties.

“It didn’t say what they were going to do what they did,” said Ron Gilbert, who lives on Sherbourne Drive. “They just clear cut everything.”

Some neighbors are now claiming that they never even received a tree removal notice. Expo authorities say that there was a possibility that wind blew the notices away.
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