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Americana At Brand's Statue Arriving Today, Gold Plating Next Week

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Huge day for Americana At Brand. Today, at 3pm, a crane will deliver the "Spirit of American Youth" statue to the garden area of developer/proven patriot Rick Caruso's mixed-used Glendale project. Pictured above, the statue is a re-creation of the 1949 sculpture at the Omaha Beach Memorial in France that commemorates soldiers who died on Normandy Beach. In the gallery: The replicated statue (he'll be gold-plated next week) in a New York factory, waiting to be shipped to Glendale--and the actual statue in France. Yes, our heads want to explode, too.

The recreation of the "Spirit of American Youth" statue is the symbolic heart of The Americana at Brand, Caruso Affiliated's nearly one million square foot retail and residential development in downtown Glendale, opening May 2.

The original was created in 1949 by American sculptor Donald Harcourt De Lue for The Omaha Beach Memorial in France to commemorate D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy, which was a turning point in WWII. Developer Rick Caruso believes the piece both honors the history of America and celebrates its future. De Lue apprentice Bill Kilpatrick oversaw the recreation which was done at De Lue's Polich Tallix Foundry in New York using the original plaster prototype which was found in a warehouse in Boston.

The Spirit of American Youth statue stands 18 feet tall, and weighs more than 2,500 pounds. Next week on Friday, March 28 a master gilder will completely cover the statue in 22-carat gold leaf. The art of gilding has not changed from its origins during the days of the Pharaohs. Media are welcome to cover the gilding process by making prior arrangements.

DeLue was revered as a master of the human form, and one of the greatest monumental sculptors in America. In the late 1930s he led the "modernist giant," or "heroic" movement, which magnified the musculature of the body.

WHAT: Giant crane will place "Spirit of American Youth" statue in center of The Green - two-acre common - at The Americana at Brand

WHEN: Thursday, March 20 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

WHERE: The Americana at Brand (Bounded by Central Avenue, Colorado Street and Brand Blvd. in Glendale) Media must check in at the construction trailer at the northeast corner of Colorado St and Brand Blvd. - for hard hat and escort on to site

Editors Note: Helicopter flyovers may offer alternative view of active construction site and the crane installation of statue.

Dramatic arrival of recreation of Donald De Lue statue that stands
at The Omaha Beach Memorial in France marks milestone in countdown to
opening May 2

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The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210