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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Echo Park Pool Opening, Atwater Park News, and More!

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Thank you for participating in this week's R&B. Please feel free to email us at if you have new questions for next week or updates to past questions. We will post them. We will also be very happy if your picture is accompanied by a digital picture.

[A remnant of the La Brea Car Dealership at 400 S. La Brea via YouTube]

1) Windsor Square: Nobody has been inside the Francis Parc condos and their niceness remains unverified, but the pictures on the site look nice and bright.

2) Echo Park/Downtown: A representative of Councilman Ed Reyes reports that the Echo Park Pool will open in May. "Councilmember Reyes is planning to open the Echo Park Pool late May, in time for the Memorial Day weekend. We're pretty
excited about this project." Also, Charlie O's is gay on Mondays and Saturdays and possibly Fridays, according to commenters.

3) Miracle Mile/Transplant City Adj.: The neighborhood location of the old La Brea car dealership generated debate. It's somewhere south of Hollywood. We just called the Ace Gallery people and they confirmed that they are opening a new location on La Brea.

4) Atwater Village: The Atwater Park is apparently a well kept secret. Commenter Gray #15 has visited the park: "Actually, Atwater Park is pretty amazing. If you go all the way across Chevy Chase (towards the river), you'll hit it. It's got a sand volleyball court and a baseball diamond, plus an enormous green field and jungle gym. Also, the park is surrounded by horse ranches, and it's awesome being surrounded by those magnificent animals. Behind the park is a great path that follows the river, full of Atwater Villagers running and walking their dogs. It, along with the rest of beautiful Atwater Village, is one of the best kept secrets in LA."