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StoreFronting: Echo Park Gallery/Bookstore, DCMA Collective, American Apparel

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ECHO PARK: Yes, even more books for the neighborhood. What's being called a gallery/bookstore will open in the next few month on Echo Park Avenue right next to local real estate firm Silverwood Real Estate and a few doors down from coffee joint Chango. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: "Good Charlotte" rockers Joel and Benji Madden launched their DCMA Collective flagship store at 645 North Martel on March 15th. A clothing store, they sell "hoodies, belt buckles, baseball caps, womens t-shirts and hoodies, baby clothes, and shoes," according to probably erroneous Wikipedia. Welcome to the neighborhood, boys. [WWD]

LOS ANGELES: How do they do it? At a time when the economy is lagging, the latest news from the city's own American Apparel, which has been sprinkling Los Angeles with their yellow hued Immigration Reform signs as of late. The company plans to open 40-45 new stores nationwide in 2008. How many in Los Angeles: Unclear. [PR Newswire]

Via DCMA Collective: