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CurbedWire: O'Herlihy Construction, Downtown Pet Blessing, Questionable Deer Head in Los Feliz

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HOLLYOOD: A sunny interior construction shot of WA Lofts, the 14-unit condominium at 803-807 Wilcox Ave that was designed by previously mentioned-today architect Lorcan O'Herlihy. Expected completion is June 15th and we're told the sales office will open in May. Back in October, it was a Development Du Jour; we reported that the units would range from 1,300-1,800 square feet, and sell for about $450-$550 a square foot. How much will they sell for now isn't certain, but with an email out, expect an update shortly. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Downtown pet owners, rejoice. Saturday is the annual Blessing of the Animals. Via View from a Loft: "Hundreds of pets––from snakes, horses, dogs, cats, and birds––are in their finest wear for a ceremony that has pets (and owners) parade past Cardinal Roger Mahoney for a douse of holy water." Head downtown to Olvera Street, across from Union Station at 2 pm. [View From A Loft]

LOS FELIZ: Speaking of animals. A vegetarian reader takes offense at this listing for a 1920s cottage in the Franklin Hills neighborhood of Los Feliz: "People who want to move to Los Feliz are pretty PC. Who in this day and age advertises for a home and includes a shot of their dead mounted deer in the listing. This isn't Wyoming." This certainly isn't Wyoming. More about the actual home for those interested: "Outdoor deck for entertaining..1 bedroom/1 bath with detached 2 car garage & separate storage/workspace area." Without the detached deer head, the home is $595,000. [Curbed InBox]