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Pollution Absorbing Walls to Make Schools Near Freeways Less Pollutey

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Very soon our school children won't be the only ones sucking up harmful pollutants in their freeway-adjacent schools. New technologically sophisticated pollution absorbing walls may finally solve the problem of soot-covered children. Metropolis reports that a South Carolina firm is presently in discussions with LAUSD about installing these miracle walls.

"Douglas Hecker and Martha Skinner, of the South Carolina design firm Field Office, have devised a highway-barrier system that would replace sound walls with a porous pollution-combating cement shield. Though not fully developed, Super Absorber... would digest noise, light, and, most pressingly, toxic air particles—as many as four billion tons a year if implemented nationwide." The technology remains "in development," and some scientists (okay, the one UCLA professor they interviewed) are skeptical of its effectiveness. We say build it and worry about the effectiveness later. Save the childrens!
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