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Rent Check: A Guest House For Under $2,000

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The joys of living in a guest house are obvious: There are no shared walls, but there are shared goodies. Like free Wi-Fi and free reign of the laundry facilities. Yes, this Rent Check is on a budget! And these guest homes are in Los Feliz, Culver City, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.

$1,000. Location: Franklin and Vermont in Los Feliz. Pitch: "French doors open into a shared backyard. There is also a small patio area for exclusive use by tenant. Cats or small indoor dogs are welcome. Off street parking is ample. All utilities are included, as well as access to our high speed wireless network."

$1,500. Location: Madison Street in Culver City. Pitch: "Charming guesthouse in a peaceful tranquil setting surrounded by bamboo. Large airy studio with sleeping loft. Full kitchen. Shared laundry on site. "

$1,625. Location: Hammond at Cynthia in West Hollywood. Pitch: "Newly renovated and sparkling, with fireplace, patio, full kitchen (with granite countertops, fridge & stove), hardwood floors, and full bath. Off street parking."

$2,000. Location: Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. Pitch: Approximately 600-700 square feet, two car parking, and fireplace.